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After School Programs:  Resources, training materials for school age programs.
After School Programs:  Resources, training materials for school age programs.
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After School Programs, Resources, Training Materials

School-Age Notes is a publisher and retailer of books, videos, DVDs, music CDs and other resources for after-school professionals and after-school programs and summer programs geared to school-age children. Science and math enrichment, literacy, curriculum planning, staff training, discipline, summer programs, arts and crafts, fitness, games, cooking, drama, multicultural activities and many more topics are covered in resources available for order from School-Age Notes.


The Cost and Rewards of a Real Estate Licence Course

The Appeal of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

For many people, the goal of a career in real estate presents a way to move from a rigid, 9-5 office job and into a profession where there is greater freedom. This freedom extends to both the professional's work schedule and the ability to work beyond the confines of an office. In addition, there is also the very real potential to earn large paydays, based on one's ability, motivation and performance. But first things, first. You need to choose a training course with a good curriculum and assess the institute's course materials.

Things to Look For in a Real Estate Course

The first thing that you'll want to look at is; whether the school is a respected and trusted real estate course provider such as Validum Institute. You will also need to determine whether you feel that you need a physical classroom environment or if an online course is more to your liking. In addition, is the education all-inclusive? By this, I mean does the school provide everything that you'll need to obtain and maintain your real estate licence?

You also need to find out their level of support. Will they be there to assist you with questions after you graduate? What is their record when it comes to assisting their graduates with their job finding endeavors? Here's a hint – if you choose an online school, do they offer LIVE support, as opposed to just having an online FAQ sheet? Once you're satisfied with the answer to these questions, then you can proceed with more confidence.

A Quality Online Real Estate Licence Program

For the purposes of evaluating a real estate licence program and the cost of full licence course, we'll be focusing on real estate online courses. The list of evaluation factors, that you need to pursue, will include the following:

  • Does the course meet the requirements for State Licensing?
  • Are there extensive real estate licence exam study materials?
  • Does your state approve the course?
  • Is the course affordable and limited to a reasonable amount of time?
  • Are there any guarantees (within reason)
  • What are the computer and Internet connection requirements?

Making That All-Important Decision

However, before you decide to lay down the cost of real estate licence course, you need to first decide if this is actually a career choice that you wish to make! The best way to do this, of course, is to get to know a current real estate agent and discover their perspective on the profession. If possible, it's a seriously valuable insight opportunity if you can arrange to spend a few days "shadowing" a seasoned real estate professional! This is how you would get the best "insider" information and you would also have the opportunity to ask questions, as well.

However, for our purposes, here, let's briefly go over exactly what a real estate sales agent does. At its core, the job of a real estate agent's goal is to assist their client with either selling or purchasing their home (or sometimes both). This involves understanding the current housing market conditions which, at times, can be quite volatile. In Australia, depending on the region, home prices will fluctuate on a regular basis. As a real estate agent, you need to be aware of day-to-day changes in the market.

Before being a superstar real estate agent, newbies will generally begin their career by working in conjunction with a broker. However about one or two years later, they can obtain a broker's licence and thus they'll have the choice of having other agents working for them. So, as you can see, the cost of real estate licence course can most certainly be outweighed by the potential rewards that the profession can supply. Another appeal of becoming a real estate agent has to do with diversity when it comes to experiences encountered while working. For example, the task of creating business relationships can take you to many different places and can involve many diverse situations. Just do some online research and you can get a sense of what this is like by reading stories supplied by successful agents.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

After reading the previous paragraphs, you may be curious as to the difference between a real estate agent and a broker. As already stated, a real estate agent is the one who assists the client when it comes to buying and selling (or renting) their homes or possibly their place of business ownership.

A real estate broker can also perform these tasks. The difference, however, is that a real estate broker can manage their own real estate business with various other agents working under them. In most cases, a real estate broker will work in an office and manage their team of agents. This means that, among other tasks, they can prepare agent paperwork relating to sales. They can even be out of the office and securing new clients for their agents to work with. All of this begins with the expenses. But, I'm sure that you can see, in the long run, that investment can certainly be worth the money!

How Much Can a Real Estate Agent Make?

Of course, the amount that is earned by a real estate agent will vary widely, depending on the type of property (residential, commercial, rental, etc.) that they deal in, along with their experience and location. However, an agent can also earn bonuses and commissions that are upwards of $80,000. For example, Sydney real estate provides a relatively robust market with average house prices sitting at nearly $1 million and thus providing agents with approximately $20,000 in a single commission.[1] As you can see, the full real estate licence certificate can offer you the opportunity to work in a lucrative field that is limited only by the motivation and efforts of the individual.

The Bottom Line

In the long-run, much can be said regarding the positive aspects of a career in the real estate profession. But as mentioned earlier, the best thing that you can do, if you're considering the fee of the course programs is to perform your research, first. That will give you the information that you need to go by. This way, there won't be any unpleasant surprises and you'll enter a potentially rewarding field with your eyes wide open!

Order Principal Matters online

Principal Matters: 101 Tips for Creating Collaborative Relationships Between After-School Programs and School Leaders

by Paul G. Young

Despite the day-to-day accomplishments that every after-school program director and staff member enjoy, there often can be an equal number of challenges that after-school professionals face.

One key to clearing these daily hurdles is by building bridges between your after-school program and the school principal.

Paul Young, the president and CEO of the National AfterSchool Association and a former director of an after-school program and a former elementary school principal, provides suggestions in 10 areas, including tips that enhance student learning, tips that support principal/program director collaboration, tips that develop advocacy for after-school programming and tips that support parent and community engagement.

Whether you're new to the after-school field or a veteran, Young's 101 tips provide positive ideas that will lead to quality programs and positive relationships between after-school programs and school leaders.

To order Principal Matters: 101 Tips for Creating Collaborative Relationships Between After-School Programs and School Leaders, call School-Age NOTES at 1-888-977-7955 or go to the "Administration and Training" link at left to order online. The cost of the book is $19.95 and subscribers to the monthly School-Age NOTES newsletter receive 10 percent off all book orders.

If ordering books to be shipped outside the United States, please call School-Age NOTES at 614-836-5252 to get a shipping estimate.